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True Designs is a small family business that began with the simple idea of providing homemade and personalized products that are both cherished and beautiful. With each piece, we spend countless hours perfecting our designs. Not only are you getting a unique product, but piece of our heart. By supporting our small business you are supporting our families by allowing us to spend cherished time raising our children. 


Meet The Team

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My name is Amy. I love to create and see things to fruition. Bringing joy to others is what brings me joy.


I am a wife and a mother to two wonderful young children. My desire is to serve others in any way I can which is why I cofounded this small business. Making creations for you, your family, and your friends is something I truly enjoy doing and I hope those creations bring a smile to your face! Blessing abound!

Designing has been something I have always enjoyed. I love to create things with my own hands. There is nothing better than working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor.

I am a wife and mother to three beautiful children. I am homeschooling my children. Each day is unique and special with my kids. I love being able to stay home while running a business. God is good! ​

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